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Courses at Berwick

The Berwick campus is renowned for its strong sense of community and outstanding learning support. Students travel from across the globe to experience the modern learning environment, greater access to academic staff and support services and world-class education offered at Berwick. Our collaborative approach to learning and teaching offers you richer experiences and opportunities to benefit you beyond university.

“Our brilliant new courses in 2014”

The Berwick Campus is excited to announce that in 2014 we will be offering two brilliant new courses!

Bachelor of Business Administration
No Year 12 maths prerequisites, you say?
This outstanding degree offers you the chance to gain a business qualification from a world-class university, without requiring the year 12 maths prerequisites of our other business courses.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood/Primary)

A single degree which qualifies you to teach ages 0 to 12!

This course provides you with a dual qualification that prepares you to become an early childhood educator and a primary school teacher.

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